| WHy families love us|

"When parents-to-be are planning for a new baby they pretty much research every crib, swing, bottle, toy, etc available on the marketplace. They have thought of every single detail about how to take care of their new baby but they haven't put any thought into how they are going to take care of themselves when the new baby arrives. My husband and I were in the same boat prior to our baby being born 6 weeks ago. We were up all hours of the night feeding our newborn but we were starving ourselves because we had absolutely no time time think about grocery shopping let alone cooking food! Wholesome Kitchen saved our lives. They delivered the most delicious and healthy food and we thought...we should have put Wholesome Kitchen meals on our baby registry! Believe me, you will value this service much more than any item you could possible put on that registry. The meals were perfectly portioned and seasoned to perfection. No shopping, prepping or cooking involved. The only decision we had to make was how warm we wanted to heat them. Easy!!! Do yourself and your marriage a favor and call Wholesome Kitchen SD before you even think about brining that baby home from the hospital. Because what would you rather spend your precious moments doing, cooking...or snuggling! Thank you WKSD!!!!!" -Katie R.

"Wholesome Kitchen SD came to the rescue after I had my first baby 6 weeks ago. If you have had a baby, then you understand the struggle of cooking a healthy meal....if cooking anything at all (ha). As all of my time was dedicated to caring for my new little girl, getting meals delivered to my door was a life savor. Not only did I have food, but I had healthy gluten-free (I have celiac so it's a necessity) meals perfectly portioned with labeled ingredients and even the macros! Every meal I had was delicious and the ingredients were fresh and flavorful. My favorite was hands down the Moroccan shrimp!! Thank you, wholesome kitchen for making my life so much easier and less stressful. I highly recommend Wholesome Kitchen SD!" -Taylor M.


"For two full time working parents with three kids, wholesome kitchen SD has saved us. We eat mostly Paleo and this has provided a number of options for us. The owners are extremely responsive and open to feedback to tailor meals to our taste (and our picky kids!). Highly recommend!" -Caitlin L.

"I travel a minimum of 2 weeks per month and when I am home I would justify not shopping with “I leave again in 6 days so the food will go bad” but the reality was going through a drive thru was quicker and easier then cooking for 1 each night or even meal prepping for the week. Not only is Wholesome Kitchen SD an easier and healthier option but the meals are so delicious. I even had to unexpectedly head out of town do froze 3 of the meals and they were perfect when I got home and defrosted a week later. You get to select the meals you would like for the week from their monthly meal options and although I have some personal favorites, Chicken Enchilada’s (you don’t miss the cheese at all due to all the flavor) and Coconut and Lime Chicken Rice, that I am tempted to just order these for the week…I have been trying new items and am enjoying meal options that are “out of my box” Cauliflower Rice and Mash are amazing and I actually enjoyed the Salmon which for this “non-fish” person is a big win. I highly recommend." -Elizabeth W.

"I am a frequent business traveler who lives alone, and my refrigerator is almost always empty. When I found out that I had to unexpectedly work from my home office last week, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try Wholesome Kitchen SD. I ordered two meals per day (Mon-Fri lunches and dinners), and I didn't specify which entrees I wanted to try. (Honestly I wanted to try them all!) 

The meals were delivered as advertised and I received a text message about 30 minutes ahead of time to let me know they were on the way. Each meal was in a microwaveable container, and they were all neatly packed in a cooler bag with frozen packs underneath. (Food safety-A+!) 

Each meal was quick and easy to reheat. The portions were perfect for me, and they kept me satisfied for hours. (I got a ton of work done because I didn't feel the urge to get up from my desk to grab a snack every hour...like I usually do.) But the best thing was how delicious they were! My favorites are the chicken enchiladas (so yummy, even without the cheese and sour cream) and the zucchini pasta with turkey meatballs (who knew zucchini noodles were so good?!).

I used to buy frozen paleo meals, but the sodium content was so high. I sacrificed my health for convenience. Now with Wholesome Kitchen SD, I no longer have to. I am so happy to support this family operated, veteran owned company and I look forward to ordering as often as possible!" -Lara W.